Oriental Rug Bazaar Vancouver
"We are good because we are old...
    We are old because we are good..."

Oriental Rug Bazaar is Western Canada's Oldest and Largest hand-made rug importer. With over 15,000 unique rugs in our 10,000 square foot showroom we guarantee you will find what you are looking for. We carry every size, color, shape, and design imaginable. Our collection ranges from 1x2 prayer rugs up to 18x24 area rugs. We have all shapes including round, square, rectangular, runners, hexagons, and octagons. Our collection includes all types of qualities from all over the world including Iran (Persian), India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Nepal, and Turkey. We carry modern, contemporary, oriental, traditional, tribal, new and antique pieces. If you don't find your piece with us you won't find it anywhere!

Our History

Nasser Dibadj is the founder and president of Oriental Rug Bazaar and although the Vancouver location has only been in existence for 30 years Mr. Dibadj has been in the business since 1962. Originally from Kashan, Iran and part of a family with rich historic ties to weaving he was born in the business of hand-made rugs. Through the past 5 decades Mr. Dibadj has gone on to open stores all across the world. Our past locations include San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Bellingham, and Hamburg, Germany. Through his travels and experiences in the past 50 years Mr. Dibadj has developed the connections required to provide the best products for the absolute lowest prices and that is the main reason Oriental Rug Bazaar has set it self apart from the competition.

Our Location

Our store is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver in historic Gastown. We are 1 block away from all local transit systems including the bus, sea bus, and sky train. Parking is easily accessible in the area with street side parking and parking complexes through out the area.

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Our Advantage

Selection, Price, and Customer Service are the 3 main areas of focus of our company.

  • Selection: You will be amazed at our inventory when you come in store. No where in North America will you find so many hand-made rugs all in one location. We thrive to keep our collections up-to-date by bringing in the newest in-demand items on the market. Any size it is you are looking for you will be given tons of choices to choose from.
  • Price: Oriental Rug Bazaar has personal weavers in Iran, India, Pakistan and China that produce only what we order. Mr. Dibadj personally hand picks or designs every piece you will see in our store. Since everything is straight from the weaver there is no whole seller and therefore no additional costs. We guarantee that our prices are the lowest. To prove it we have a policy that if you find a similar quality carpet in the same size for cheaper somewhere else we will give you that carpet for free!
  • Customer Service: We take pride in the relationships we hold with our customers. Our staff are not only knowledgeable but extremely approachable. Don't be surprised if you come in store and end up staying for an hour or two talking over Persian tea. Once our customer you will notice that we will always stay in touch by email and phone calls informing you about future promotions and events. Come in and experience our unique culture at Oriental Rug Bazaar!