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Professional Cleaning & Washing

Oriental Rug Bazaar Professional Hand Washing

We have been professionally hand-washing rugs for our customers and other hand-made rug shops in Vancouver for over 30 years. Hand-made rugs are entirely woven of natural materials (wool, silk, cotton) and must therefore be cleaned with extreme care and gentleness. We only use natural cleaners that keep the sheen and natural oils of the rug in place. This also prevents any unwanted color fading. Depending on the level of foot-traffic on the rug a professional wash is recommended every 3 to 5 years. The cost of cleaning is dependant on your rugs quality, age, material, and degree of dirtiness. Feel free to call us or bring your piece in store for a free wash estimate. Washes take 1 week to complete and we offer free local delivery and pick-up if needed as well!

Repair & Restoration

Oriental Rug Bazaar Repair & Restoration

We offer an array of services for any restoration and repair needs that your hand-made rugs require. Hand-made rugs are made to last forever, but this will only happen with proper care and maintenance. We have professional weavers on our staff that excel in repairing all types of problems your rug may have. With holes and tears we reconstruct the foundation and re-knot the pile. If you have side damage to the binding we can either replace the entire binding or re-sew the damaged area. A common problem that occurs with certain rugs is the tearing and separation of the rugs fringes. For this problem we can either remove all the fringes and neatly bind the ends of the rug or put completely new fringes on the piece. Whether you require reweaving, patching, fringing, binding, or sidework, we can do it! Feel free to bring your piece in store and get a free repair estimate. Repairs take 4 to 6 days to complete and we offer free local delivery and pick-up if needed as well!

Rug Underlays

Oriental Rug Bazaar Rug Underlays

We produce our own underlay products that not only increase the life of your carpet but also your homes flooring. Our underlays secure your rug in place without slipping, shifting, or bunching up. They can be used on hardwood, tile or carpet and come in all sizes and shapes. These underlays are made from anti-microbial treated rubber that inhibits the growth of bacteria, odor, mold, and moths. Please contact us for more information and pricing for our underlays!

Insurance Appraisals

Oriental Rug Bazaar Insurance Appraisals

After being in the business for so long people have come to trust our products, services, and most importantly our word. That is why our professional appraisals are accepted by insurance agencies worldwide. Hand-made rugs are often bought as investments and this is due to their price appreciation over time. For this sole reason a personal appraisal for your unique rug should be viewed as essential. Every rug has a certain value depending on its origin, quality, material, and size. We have the knowledge and experience to examine your rug and issue a valuation for insurance or personal purposes. Feel free to bring your rug(s) down to our store or contact us for more information and pricing for our appraisals!

Custom-Made & Resizing

If for some reason you are not able to find your ideal piece within our inventory of 15,000 we do offer custom made services. Just give us the size, color, design, and material that you need and we will have your perfect rug in store in 3 to 6 months. Also, if you have a rug that you would prefer to be larger or smaller we can either crop it or produce the exact some carpet in a different size. Please contact us for more information and pricing for our custom-made orders!

Interior Design Consultations

Feel free to contact us about any design tips and questions about which type, style, or colored rug would best suit your room. We are more than happy to come to your residence to give you a free consultation or you may bring your colors, samples, and photos in store for an easier time finding your perfect hand-made rug!

Free International Shipping & Local Delivery

Oriental Rug Bazaar Free International Shipping

We offer free delivery to all our local customers. This applies to all rug purchases, repairs, and cleanings. We are also proud to offer free shipping to all our international customers. Local deliveries are often done the next day and international shipments take 1 to 2 weeks depending on the destination. We ship exclusively with Canada Post and UPS so feel free to contact us for your tracking number.

Lifetime Exchange Policy

We offer one of the most unique exchange policies in the business. Rarely will you find an exchange policy at hand-made rug retailers. But due to the age and size of our business we are able to provide our customers with a sense of safety and trust with their purchases. You are never stuck with any rug you buy from us. If you for some reason you are unsatisfied with your rug you can always bring it back and choose something else. This is a 'lifetime' policy so you can bring your rug back in 1 year, 5 years, or even 15 years and take another. Just a note to our new customers: we do not sell any used rugs! The returned rugs are washed and then auctioned off!